DBKL Premise License Submission Service

A business could not be operate without an authorize business license from government. It is an advised to every business owner to apply for business license or business premise license as it will provide a lot of benefits to the owner. The  most distinct benefits that can be seen is it provides a protection to the owner so that the  business won't be shut down without any reasons and sudden. Beside, with a business license, it develop a sense of professionalism to the public by showing them your service provided is professional, and the products you sell is in good quality. 

We are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and renovation building plan approval. We are here to help people who do not have sufficient time to run up and down to local council in order to apply for business, signboard license, or renovation building plan approval. 

To apply for business license, a business owner need to: 
1) Have a business name
2) State your actual business address
3) Identify what is your business type
4) Prepare all related documents
5) Apply business license from respective local authority

The requirements to apply for business, signboard license and renovation building plan approval might be different according to respective local authority. If you do not want to spend too much time to apply for it, call us now for further details.