MBSA Business License Runner

You may need to obtain the business license to show compliance with local and state laws when open up your own business. Business license is used to protect the right of your business and the right of the customers. With the business license, your business will become more trustworthy toward the customers. 

But you know how can apply a business license? We will explain it in few steps: first is you need to know your business code. It because there are too many types of business in Malaysia. Next, you should know and visit the local council who nearest your business location. The reason you need visit the local council is because there can get information about the business license application. Last, you need to submit your business license application form to local council with other necessary documents.Are you worried about the business license application? Now we have provide the runner service for the business license application. 

Feeling complicated in business license application with all those paper works? Worry no more as we are Runner Service which assist people in the application of business license, signboard license, and also renovation building plan approval. Contact us now for any further information! 

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