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Now we offer our clients the non-stop business license, signboard license, and also renovation building plan approval application service. 

Business License
BPlan to start or run a business on your own? Then remember to get a license for your own business too! The reasons of why a business license is needed because it stand as a protection of the community beside the owner. A business will normally sell products or offer services. It is important that products sell are qualified and services offered are professional. With business license, it can give a sense of professionalism of your business to the public, make them to feel that your products sell is safe to use and services provided can satisfied their needs. Generally, an application for a business license must be accompanied by: A copy of Business Registration Certificate Incorporation Certificate (Form 9), A copy of Form 49 (Companies Act, 1965), A copy of Form 24-A, B (Business Registration Act, 1956), A copy of grants / title / hire-purchase agreement of the proposed premise, A copy of Building Occupational Certificate, A copy of location map, Application of Floor Plan, Application of Signboard or Advertisement Board License, Advertisement visual (must fulfill requirement of usage of advertisement language), Passport-sized photograph of applicant. A copy of applicant's NRIC, fulfill Health Conditions (Foundation courses for food handlers and typhoid vaccination. In order to apply a business license successfully, you will need to deal a lot of paper work with the respective local council for few times hence it is tiring and time consuming. Now we offer our clients the non-stop business license application service. 

Signboard License
Signboard is a marketing tool which use to promote company, business, and business's brand. It is very common to see signboard install on premise. To install it, a signboard license is required. The most important point that a signboard license is require because it stand as a proof that the signboard is install legally. Generally, an application for a signboard license must be accompanied by: Photocopy of the applicant's identity card, Passport-sized photograph of the applicant, Copy of the company's M&A and Forms 9, 24 and 49. Copy of either the rental agreement or the sale and purchase agreement of the company's business premise, Copy of the Certificate of Fitness of the company's business premise, Copy of the Fire Department's support letter, Copy of the location plan of the company's business premise, Photographs of the business premise, Photographs showing the location of the company's signboard, Samples of the signboard indicating its design and colours. Now we offer our clients the non-stop signboard license application service. 

Renovation Building Plan Approval
Renovation is the act of renewing or restoring something, There are two types of renovation, which are commercial renovation and home renovation. The benefit of renovation is to ensure the safety condition of the building. However, you still need to get the approval from local government before the renovation process is going on. Below will show you how to apply renovation plan application. First, you need to select the area/address of your business at and recognize the local authority of that area. Second, you need to visit your local town council to get the latest renovation guidelines. After finalize your renovation plan,you need to hire a registered architect to draw up your renovation plan. Generally, an application for building plan approval must be accompanied by:  "A cover letter from an authorized architect / engineer or a registered draftsman""Processing fee in accordance with the Standard / Uniform Buildings By-laws (UUKBS) 1984""A completely filled Form A, endorsed by an authorized architect or a registered draftsman""JBG/KB 1-85/ A Form (for new project or other building categories) or JBG/KB 1-85/ B Form (for renovation and extension only) that is completed and endorsed by an authorized architect / engineer or a registered draftsman""1 copy of a temporary title""1 copy of the latest assessment rate receipt""1 copy of a quit-rent receipt""1 copy of the Certificate of Occupancy Fitness""1 copy of the Sales and Purchase Agreement""5 copies of the house or building plan (4 on paper and 1 on linen) that are in order and endorsed by the house/ building owner(s) and an authorized architect / engineer or a registered draftsman""The house/building plans must be coloured according to the prescribed colour scheme as follow:-  Red for new renovation / extension works, Blue for demolition works (renovation and extension purposes), Original works on the house/building need not be coloured""1 set of reinforced concrete framework plan with the structural calculation and a guarantee letter on the durability of the said structure that is endorsed by an authorized engineer (Applicable to double-storey buildings)",  "An approval letter from the Technical Department regarding building plan approval""Detail information of the Registered Architect/ Engineer or Draftsman which includes name, address, telephone number and signature. It must have the official stamp/ seal and another stamp indicating that the said party is accountable in conformity to Para 3 (1C) of the Standard / Uniform Buildings By-laws (UUKBS) 1984", "Detail information of the registered owner(s) which includes name, address, telephone number, latest identity card number(s) and signature(s)", "5 copies of the building plan consisting of :- A key plan, A site plan, A floor plan, Elevation plans (Front, Rear and Side), A Sanitary and Plumbing Layout plan, Ventilation and lighting calculation." Now we offer our clients the non-stop renovation building plan approval application service. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can be of assistance!

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