PDTG Business License PDTG Signboard License PDTG Building Plan Approval


Pejabat Daerah & Tanah Gombak is a district located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It established on 1 February 1974 and they in charge in all administration works in Gombak. People who want to apply for business license, signboard license, and also gain a renovation building plan approval may proceeed to their council to gain more information. 

PDTG Pejabat Daerah & Tanah Gombak Websitehttps://www.selangor.gov.my/gombak.php

PDTG Pejabat Daerah & Tanah Gombak Direction : 
3°15'46.4"N 101°39'08.4"E
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