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Business Registration Renewal

Renew Business Registration Service

*** Business Registration certificate expire more than 1 year cannot be renewed. Please visit Business Registration office for re-registration ***

*** Our Renew Business Registration Service not applicable for SDN BHD, BHD & PLT ***

Business Registration renewal is required if your business registration had been expired. However, there may be some inconvenient as you could not take some time out of your business. We are here to help you to renew your Business Registration by just submitting all your business related documents to us.

Renew Business Registration Service

It is only few simple steps & requirement if you want to renew Business Registration:

1) Application for the renewal of a business shall be made at any time before the expiry date up to twelve months after the expiry date

2) Renewal of Business Registration can be made for a period of one year and not more than five years

3) Business renewal cannot be made for a business expired more than one year

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