License Application Service

Business Premise License

License stand for an authorization. It allows someone to do something that others are not allowed to do. With business license, it give the business owner to run a business that belong to himself. It also stand as a proof to the community that the business is legal so that people can believe on the products sell and the service given is safe and professional.

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Signboard License

Signboard is a common marketing tool in which all business owner use it to promote or publicize their business to the community. It is the most useful marketing tool as when people pass by your premise, they can directly recognized what kind of business you are actually running. However, install it legally is very important and to do this, you need a signboard license. With signboard license, you got authorization from your local authority that your signboard are install in a safe place in which won't cause any incidents to the public.

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License Application Service Malaysia

Renovation, modernization, or even restoration is common in people because people want to create a new, fresh environment to their building. It can't be done without a formal approval from respective local authority. Before any startup of renovation or changing in building is make, you are required to gain approval from respective local authority in order to start up your plan legally. This is to ensure that the working environment is safe and all the materials use is safe.

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License Application Service Malaysia

Bahasa Malaysia is the main language used in Malaysia. Therefore, it is important that in any of your marketing tool such as signboard to have Malay language and the Malay language used must also have an authorization from government. For this, you can refer to Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. It is a government body which responsible to coordinate the use of Malay-language literature in Malaysia. Any of the Malay language used in your marketing tool need to get approval from them to ensure the literature is accurate and proper.

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Trademark Registration Service

A trademark protects words, names, slogans and logos to ensure the exclusive rights (on similar goods or services that would cause confusion) of usage to the owner of the mark.