Renovation Building Plan Approval

Renovation Building Plan Approval

Renovation is a process which involve the office partition, wall opening or extension of the building. The reason of why renovation building plan approval is needed is because it is illegal if not to. If you fail to get it, you will be fined. You may force to remove a building or force to tear out completed work. Beside, another reason that you require a renovation is mainly about safety. By enforcing construction standards, they give you and the other occupants of the building the best chance to avoid fire, structural failure, or something as simple as a child getting his head caught between stair posts.

To get a renovation is very simple. Before any partition or renovation activities are started, you need make appointment and consultation with the local building inspector about the requirement of approval plan needed. Then, you need to hire a registered architect to draw up your renovation plan. You can get the list of registered architect from the information counter of building department in your local council. Last, you can apply the renovation building plan approval by submit your renovation plan with other necessary documents to local council.

Some typical documents are required to get a renovation renovation building plan approval:

1) The drawing of the renovation.

2) Cover letter from an authorized architect / engineer.

3) A copy of the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

4) A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy Fitness.

5) Detail information of owner(s) which includes full name as NRIC, address, phone no., NRIC and signature(s).

6) An approval letter from the Technical Department regarding building plan approval.

7) A copy of a temporary title.

8) Processing fee in accordance with the Standard / Uniform Buildings By-laws (UUKBS) 1984.

9) A copy of the latest assessment rate receipt.

10) 5 copies of the house or building plan (4 on paper and 1 on linen) that are in order and endorsed by the house/ building owner(s) and an authorized architect / engineer or a registered draftsman.

11) The house/building plans must be coloured according to the prescribed colour scheme as follow:-

  • Red for new renovation / extension works.

  • Blue for demolition works (renovation and extension purposes).

  • Original works on the house/building need not be coloured.

12) 1 set of reinforced concrete framework plan with the structural calculation and a guarantee letter on the durability of the said structure that is endorsed by an authorized engineer (Applicable to double-storey buildings).

13) Detail information of the Registered Architect/ Engineer which includes full name, address, phone no. and signature. It must have the official stamp/ seal and another stamp indicating that the said party is accountable in conformity to Para 3 (1C) of the Standard / Uniform Buildings By-laws (UUKBS) 1984.

14) A completely filled Form A, endorsed by an authorized architect or a registered architect.

15) 5 copies of the building plan consisting of :

    • A key plan.

  • A site plan.

  • A floor plan.

  • Elevation plans (Front, Rear and Side).

  • A Sanitary and Plumbing Layout plan.

  • Ventilation and lighting calculation.

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