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DBKL Business Premise License Runner Service

Business license is important is important if you wanted to start up your business legally. If you have a business license or business premise permit that is authorize by the government, Beside, a licensed business is completely separate from yourself, meaning your company's taxes aren't filled with your own. It will make you easy to report your business' s income or losses.

DBKL Business Premise License Runner Service

Applying for business license is just easy if you done all these things:

1) Have a business name

2) State your actual business address

3) Identify what is your business address

4) Prepare all related documents

5) Apply business license from respective local authority

Feeling inconvenient to purposely arrange a time to apply for business license? Make your life easier by finding us to help you in your business license application. We are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and also renovation building plan approval. Contact us if you need our service!

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