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DBKL License Runner

Applying for business license is sometime inconvenient but it is necessary if you wanted to run your business legally. It not only as a proof that you are running your business legally, but it also act as a protection to your business, to you, your employee, and also your customers. With business license, you do not need to worry that your business will be shut down by any authority. With business license, your personal asset and property is protected when your business is in troublesome. Moreover, with business license, it makes customers trust that the service provided is professional or products sell is genuine and good in quality.

DBKL License Runner

To apply for business license, a person must know that who is the authority in charge and which local council should you go to apply for business license. This can be filter out by specify which area are you at. For example, if you are form KL, then you should apply your business license from DBKL, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. The reasons of why you should apply your business license from the right local authority because each local council will have requirements and documents. You must get the latest guideline from local council to know what is the requirements needed for business license application.

However, if you do not have sufficient time in applying for business license, you may contact us for help. We are Runner Service which can help people in business license application. Beside, our services also include helping people to apply signboard license, and also renovation building plan approval. If you need our call. kindly contact us and we will provide more details information to you.

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