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DBKL Signage License Application Service

Applying for signage license is the first thing that an owner must do before the signboard is installed in front of premise. It act as a recognizer that recognize the signboard is install legally and install in an appropriate place.

Signage License Application Service

It is compulsory to apply for signboard license before it is installed. If you think that you do not have sufficient to apply for the license, contact us now! We are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and renovation building plan approval.

The reasons of why signboard license is important is because it can use to protect public beside the owner. As mentioned, with signboard license, it can ensure that the signboard is install in an appropriate place. There will be no chance that the signboard will cause any dangerous or accidents to the public. Beside, with signboard license, all the wordings used already authorize by the government and it is suitable to display to the public.

Signage License Application Service

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