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DBKL Signage License Runner Service

Not only business license, a signboard also could not be install without applying for signboard license. Same as business license, signboard license also use to protect the business's owner beside public. A signboard is normally install in a place which is easily recognized by public. If without a signboard license, it can't guarantee that the signboard is install in a safe place which could not cause any unpredictable incidents.

Signage License Runner Service
DBKL Signage License Runner Service

To apply for signboard license, an owner need to have:

1) Get a premise to run business show

2) Get a business license to run the business

3) Get a license for business signboard

It is not complicated to apply for a signboard license if you may arrange your time in come up and down to the local council to apply for signboard license. But it is troublesome if you do not sufficient times. We are Runner Service which come to help you with your problems. We offer services such as business license application, signboard license application, and also renovation building plan approval. Contact us now for further details!

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