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DBKL Signboard License Apply License Service

Signboard is also a important tools to promote your business. The function of signboard is let people able to notice your shop easily while they passed by. Before make a signboard, you need to get a signboard license from local council. Signboard license is used to make sure that your business signboard is installed in the non-dangerous places or safely condition.

There are some of the steps for showing how you can apply the signboard license.

  1. You need to know your business categories (there are too much business categories in Malaysia.)

  2. You need to identify where is your local council.

  3. You need to visit the local council for getting the information of signboard license application.

  4. You must submit the signboard license application form and other necessary documents to local council

  5. You just wait until your signboard license is getting approved.

Now our company have introduce the runner service for those who want to apply signboard license. So don't waste time anymore, contact with us for further information.

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