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DBKL Signboard License Runner

Signboard acts like a guidepost to guide customers to your place of business and attract the attention of new customers. If you are a new business, people driving by will be attracted to stop in and try your business. People moving to the area look for local businesses that they can start visiting. However, you still need to apply the license before any signboard plan is started.

Perak Signboard Company

Get a signboard license is quite easy in Malaysia. Actually just need few step: first is you need to clarify your business category because there are too many business category in Malaysia. Second, you need to identify the local council such as DBKL, MBPJ,MBSA and so on. You need to visit the local council for getting the guideline of signboard license application. Last, you need submit the signboard license application form with others necessary document to the local council.

The documents that you should submitted:

    • Copy of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) and Forms 9, 24, and 49

    • Copy of either the rental agreement or the sale and purchase agreement of the company's business premise

    • Copy of the location plan of the company's business premise

    • Photographs showing the location of the company's signboard

    • Samples of the signboard indicating its design and colors

Signboard License Runner

Now we have provided runner service which help you to apply the signboard license. Welcome to contact with us if you need any help from us.

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