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MBPJ Business License Application Service

In order to start up a business legally, a business license is compulsory. It ensure you operate your business operate in a correct manner while protect the owner so that he or she won't get sued and fined. If the business is running legally, there will be no chance that the business will be forced to shut down suddenly.

Business License Application Service

The benefits with a business license can bring is quite a lot. Beside protect the business, it makes the business apart with the owner. This can be understand through the taxes. With a business license, the tax of business license and the owner are completely separated. The owner can report his business income or losses more easily to the government. When there is some incidents happen with the business, it will not affect the owner's personal liability.

Business License Application Service

To apply for business license, it might consume too much time of a person. If you wanted to save up your time, then you are welcome to contact us. We are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and renovation building plan approval.

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