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MBPJ Business License Runner Service

MBPJ Business License Runner Service

Nowadays, people are busy for their business. People do not have enough time to do something that is time consuming but it is something that is necessary to do. Application of business license that is something that a business owner need to do before he or she start to operate the business. However, they really can't arrange some free time in order to apply for it. To help everyone to save their time, we are now providing Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and also renovation building plan approval.

In order to apply for a business license, few things is need to be done by the owner:

1) have a business name

2) have an actual business address

3) identify what is the business type

4) prepare all related documents

5) apply business license from respective local authority

Business license is important because it can prove that an owner is running his business legally. The products sell is qualified and safe to use, while services provided is professional. Beside, with a licensed business, it can increase customers' trust on you thus increase your revenue. Not only that, a licensed business is completely separate from the owner itself. All the tax with business won't relate to the business owner's personal asset.

Business License Runner Service

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