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MBPJ Premise License Application Service

Business license or business premise license is a compulsory for an individual to start up a business to ensure that the business are running legally. Besides that, business license also play a role in protecting the owner in terms of law. The business will not be shut down by the authorities if you have a business license because the business is operating in a correct and legal way, and the products sell or services provided had been authorized by the local council. Other than that, with a business license, it ensure your personal assets are protected in case of a lawsuit as well as providing protection for you if your business is damaged.

Premise License Application Service

Next, we will show you how can apply the business license? First, you should know your business categories and business code. It because there have many types of business in Malaysia. Next, you also need to identify and visit your local council for getting the information of business license application. Last step is you need to submit the business license application form to local council with other necessary documents.

Premise License Application Service

We know you are busy all the time, so we have introduce the business license application runner service which can help you to apply the license from local council. Feel free to contact us!

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