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MBPJ Premise License Runner

Premise License Runner

Business License is important when you run a business. Without a business license, your business will be considered as illegal and the local authority will have the rights to stop your business and issue you a summon. Therefore having a business license is a must, not just for the sake of avoiding disturbance from the local authority but also your business will be recognize as legitimate and customers will trust your business as well.

Premise License Runner


Applying for business license is just easy if you done all these things:

1) Have a business name

2) State your actual business address

3) Identify what is your business address

4) Prepare all related documents

5) Apply business license from respective local authority

Of course if you think that it is inconvenience, you can find us for help.

We are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and also renovation building plan approval. Contact us if you need our service!

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