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MBSA Signage License Runner


Shah Alam City Council is led by a Mayor, who is appointed by Selangor State Government. Apart from that, the mayor also takes the role of a councilor, and he will take the oath together with the 23 other councilors every two years. These councilors consist of politicians, professionals, academician and corporate leaders. MBSA has 14 departments, 5 parts and 3 branch offices.​​ The management of the City Council consists of the Deputy Mayor, Deputy Secretary and several other directors who heads different portfolios. MBSA also has 1,600 personnel who hold about ​153 types of post.​​

A creative, attractive signboard can help your business stand apart from the competition. Besides that, signboard that contains a business's logo can help reinforce your brand. However, you must to get the license from local government before installation of signboard.

License Application Service Malaysia

Steps to apply for signboard license, an owner need to have:

1) Get a premise to run business show

2) Get a business license to run the business

3) Get a license for business signboard

So, we have provided the various application service such as Business License, Signboard License, and also Renovation Building Plan Approval. Kindly contact us now and we will provide more information to you!

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