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MBSA Signboard License Runner

A good signboard is an easy and effective way to attract and communicate with your customers. Signboard helps your customers to navigate your shop without making it necessary to ask sales staff basic questions. Anyway, you need to apply the license for signboard before installed it for your business.

MBSA Signboard License Runner

Have you hear about steps to apply signboard license? First, you need to distinguish your signboard license categories before you want to apply the signboard license because there are various types of signboard license in Malaysia. Next, you should pick the location that build your business. Once you get the asset/estate of building in that area, you need to identify the approve town committee that in charge this area. ​​​Last, you must submit the signboard license application form and others documents to local council.

Necessary documents that you should prepared:

  • Copy of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) and Forms 9, 24, and 49

  • Copy of either the rental agreement or the sale and purchase agreement of the company's business premise

  • Copy of the location plan of the company's business premise

  • Photographs showing the location of the company's signboard

  • Samples of the signboard indicating its design and colors

MBSA Signboard License Runner

If you do not have so much time to apply for the license, kindly contact us as we are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license and renovation building plan approval.

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