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MPS Business Premise License Runner


The Sepang Municipal Council is tasked with the responsibility of providing services and basic amenities to all Sepang residents under the 1976 Local Government Act (Act 171). As a local municipal council, Sepang Municipal Council is also responsible over the Development Plan and Community Service Plan.

Business license or business premise license is mandatory for individual to start up a business, Beside ensure you operate your business legally, business license also play a role in protect the owner in terms of law. The business wouldn't be shut down suddenly with business license because the business is operating in a correct and legal way, and the products sell or services provided had been authorize by local council.

Business license application is different according to respective location. So, you need to know what is the specific area that your business at and who is the approve committee in charge in that zone. Next, you also need to fill-in and submit the business license application form to the local committee together with other necessary documents. After submitted all the documents, you just need to wait until your business license approve by local council. Are you stuck in the step of license application? Don't worry, we have provided the application runner services which included the business license, signboard license and also the renovation building plan approval. Save up your time starting from now by finding us!

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