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MPS Signage License Application Service

Signboard is an important marketing tool in publicize your company or business. It makes people easier to recognize your business and your brand so that they can come back to you next time. However, it might be dangerous if you install your signboard without a signboard license. A signboard license is a permit given by government that authorize that you are eligible to install the signboard. They will make sure that you install your signboard in an appropriate place which won't cause any dangerous to the public.

MPS Signage License Application Service

To apply for signboard license, an owner need to have:

1) Get a premise to run business show

2) Get a business license to run the business

3) Get a license for business signboard

MPS Signage License Application Service

It is not complicated to apply for a signboard license if you may arrange your time in come up and down to the local council to apply for signboard license. But it is troublesome if you do not sufficient times. We are Runner Service which come to help you with your problems. We offer services such as business license application, signboard license application, and also renovation building plan approval. Contact us now for further details!

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