MPS Signage License Runner Service

Signage is a publicly displayed information that presented in the form of word, symbol or sign that used for advertise your business. Signage can help boost the revenue of your business. In addition. it also can help to increase the awareness of your business especially for the new business.

Same as business license, signboard also need to get license from local council. First step you need to do for apply signage license is you need to identify your business category. In Malaysia, there are too much types of business, different business have their own signage license law. Next, you need to know the nearest local council of your business. You have to go the local council and get the guideline of signage license application. Last, you need to submit the signage license application form and other necessary documents to local council.

Thinking that the procedures or steps needed to apply for signage license is complicated? You are welcome to contact us now! We are Runner Service which help people to apply for business license, signboard license, and also renovation building plan approval.

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