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Now we are providing License Runner Service which are happy to help you in your business license, signboard license, and also the renovation building plan approval application.

Business License

Business License

Business license or business premise license is required for a business owner in order to start up a business in a legal way. If a business do not have an authorize business license from the authority, the business could be liable for significant damages or any penalties.In additional, with a business license, it develop a sense of professionalism to the public by showing them your service provided is professional, and the products you sell is in good quality.

To apply for business license, a person must know that who is the authority in charge and which local council should you go to apply for business license. This can be filter out by specify which area are you at. The reasons of why you should apply your business license from the right local authority because each local council will have requirements and documents. You must get the latest guideline from local council to know what is the requirements needed for business license application. Last, you need submit your business license application form to local council together with other necessary documents.

Some of documents such as identity card's photocopy of applicant, passport size photo of applicant, copy of M&A and Forms 9, 24, and 49 is needed. If you do can't manage your time but you wanted to apply for business license so that you can operate your business legally, you may contact us as we are now provide Runner Service which can help you in the application. Contact us starting from now and we will provide you with further details.

Signboard License

Signboard License

Signboard is an important marketing tool in publicize your company or business. It makes people easier to recognize your business and your brand so that they can come back to you next time. However, it might be dangerous if you install your signboard without a signboard license. A signboard license is a permit given by government that authorize that you are eligible to install the signboard. They will make sure that you install your signboard in an appropriate place which won't cause any dangerous to the public. Same as business license, signboard also need to get license from local council.

First step you need to do for apply signage license is you need to identify your business category. In Malaysia, there are too much types of business, different business have their own signage license law. Next, you need to know the nearest local council of your business. You have to go the local council and get the guideline of signage license application. Last, you need to submit the signage license application form and other necessary documents to local council.

The documents and requirements needed in general is identity card's photocopy of applicant, passport size photo of applicant, copy of M&A and Forms 9, 24, and 49 is needed. You may refer to your local authority to gain a complete guideline regarding the documents needed in applying signboard license. If you think that is troublesome, you are highly welcome to find us as we are now provide License Runner Service which are happy to help you in your business license application. Contact us starting from now and we will provide you with further details.

Renovation Building Plan Approval

Renovation is the act of renewing or restoring something, There are two types of renovation, which are commercial renovation and home renovation. The benefit of renovation is to ensure the safety condition of the building. However, you still need to get the approval from local government before the renovation process is going on. Next, we will explain to you about the step for applying the renovation building plan approval. First you need to know which area are you at and who is the local authority in charge. Next you might need to make a trip to your local town council to get the latest renovation guidelines then renovate based on the guideline given. With this, you need to hire a registered architect to draw up your renovation plan.

Beside, the documents and requirement that is also needed include the drawing of the renovation, cover letter from an authorized architect / engineer,

  1. a copy of the Sales and Purchase Agreement, a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy Fitness, detail information of owner(s) which includes full name as NRIC, address, phone no., NRIC and signature(s),

  2. an approval letter from the Technical Department regarding building plan approval,

  3. a copy of a temporary title, processing fee in accordance with the Standard / Uniform Buildings By-laws (UUKBS) 1984, a copy of the latest assessment rate receipt,

  4. 5 copies of the house or building plan (4 on paper and 1 on linen) that are in order and endorsed by the house/ building owner(s) and an authorized architect / engineer or a registered draftsman, the house/building plans must be colored according to the prescribed color scheme as follow: 'Red for new renovation / extension works, Blue for demolition works (renovation and extension purposes), Original works on the house/building need not be coloured',

  5. 1 set of reinforced concrete framework plan with the structural calculation and a guarantee letter on the durability of the said structure that is endorsed by an authorized engineer (Applicable to double-storey buildings),

  6. detail information of the Registered Architect/ Engineer which includes full name, address, phone no. and signature and it must have the official stamp/ seal and another stamp indicating that the said party is accountable in conformity to Para 3 (1C) of the Standard / Uniform Buildings By-laws (UUKBS) 1984, a completely filled Form A, endorsed by an authorized architect or a registered architect,

  7. 5 copies of the building plan consisting of : 'A key plan, A site plan, A floor plan, Elevation plans (Front, Rear and Side), A Sanitary and Plumbing Layout plan, Ventilation and lighting calculation'.

If you do not have so much time to apply for renovation building plan approval, find us as we are now provide Runner Service to help you in your application. Contact us starting from now and we will provide you with further details.

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Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS)

Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) is local authority which in charge of Gombak district and other areas. Their main headquarters is located at Bandar Baru Selayang. People may make a trip to the council for business license application, signboard license application and also renovation building plan approval.

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