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MPSJ Premise License Runner

Business license or business premise license is important for individual to start up a business, Beside ensure you operate your business legally, business license also play a role in protect the owner in terms of law. The business wouldn't be shut down suddenly with business license because the business is operating in a correct and legal way, and the products sell or services provided had been authorize by local council.

We are Runner Service which help people in the application of business license, signboard license and also renovation building plan approval.

For those who do not have so much time to apply for a business license, kindly contact us!

To apply for business license, it is important to know which area are you from. This is because different area will have different local authority in charge, and different local authority will have different requirements in the application of business license. If you are from Shah Alam, then you should apply your business license from MBSA, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam. Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) is the local authority for Shah Alam, north of Petaling District, and east of Klang District and it is founded in 7 December 1978. The city council is open for business license application, signboard license application and also renovation building plan approval.

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