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MPSJ Signage License Application Service

MPSJ Signage License Application Service

For signboard license or signboard permit, it is necessary for a business's owner to apply for it when they wanted to install signboard in front of their premise. This is because a signboard is normally install in a place that is easily recognize by the citizens, therefore they might be a possibility that the signboard will fall down or any other possible incidents. Therefore, a business's owner should apply for signboard license in order to protect the business's owner itself and the public. With legal permission, the signboard will be ensure install in an authorize safe place and it wouldn't cause any injuries or possible incidents to the public.

In order to apply for a signboard license, a person might need to make a trip to respective local council to gain the latest information needed for the application. This is because different local authority will have different requirements.


To save you time, we have provided application services for you such as Business License, Signboard License, and also Renovation Building Plan Approval. Contact us if you need our service and we will provide you with other further details.

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