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MPSJ Signage License Runner

Not only business license, a signboard also could not be install without applying for signboard license. Same as business license, signboard license also use to protect the business's owner beside public. A signboard is normally install in a place which is easily recognized by public. If without a signboard license, it can't guarantee that the signboard is install in a safe place which could not cause any unpredictable incidents.

MPSJ Signage License Runner
MPSJ Signage License Runner

The requirement in applying for signboard license may be vary according to respective local authority. In generally, an application for a signboard license must be accompanied by:

1) Copy of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) and Forms 9, 24, and 49

2) Copy of either the rental agreement or the sale and purchase agreement of the company's business premise

3) Copy of the location plan of the company's business premise

4) Photographs showing the location of the company's signboard

5) Samples of the signboard indicating its design and colors

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